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Mark is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, other instrument dabbler, and recording engineer. Born in Durban, South Africa amongst political turmoil and upheaval. His mother was a Black Sash activist helping children persecuted under the Apartheid regime. Their family sheltered families on the run from the police and were strongly opposed to the racist minority government.

He was raised from the age of 8 on the Gold Coast, Australia surrounded by Hinterland rainforests, and white sanded beaches. Everything in between he regarded as a concrete jungle. A jungle that has grown and been developed all on the natural swamp land between the mountains and the sea. Swamp Town saw the birth of the Haba Dudes. A band of eclectic characters and musical styles.

Haba Dudes started in 2005 and with the band Mark has released three full length albums. A ‘solo’ album was also released under his own name in 2007.  Mark cannot stop writing songs, loves making melodies and singing, sculpting and crafting music with friends.

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